Serve. Love. Unite

This morning as I looked up onto the starry morning, I realized the vastness of our universe.  I know it seems deep but stay with me for a moment.

Our world is made up of so many people, and their uniqueness is as vast as the universe.  People who somehow find a way to live amongst each other even though they all have different features, shapes, sizes, needs, desires, and thought processes.  We all share this earth together. 

Now, let us narrow that down to the United States.  It is no different than the world.  We too share a unique identity that creates dreams and plans based on values.  We all have struggles and happiness unknown to each other.  We walk past each other in the grocery, at the bank, at school, even in our own homes not realizing that we all have different dreams and expectations., and many of us have unknown struggles which weigh on our hearts.  These unknown struggles are the demons that keep us from God.

God made us in this unique way for a reason; not to argue or hold grudges, but to make us whole.  Most importantly, He made us this way to form a community, a bond, a stronghold.

Right now, I see that stronghold breaking into a million pieces.  Closed mindedness, low empathy, self-desires have taken over.  Not because a political leader did that to us, but because we allowed it to happen to us.  Many of us wallow in the unfairness of this pandemic.  We cannot see past our present circumstances.  We find it difficult to get out of bed each day to face another masked day in this world.

Pandemics seem to open up this huge internal conflict of self-interest being more important than community interest.  We all get bogged down in our own problems, in our own needs, in what we deserve to have, and even what we think is “right.”

I went back in the bible to see where Jesus rebuked his followers or rebuked those not listening to Him.  When he did this, it was always out of love.  Not to be right.  Not to fight the good fight.  No, it was to show that He loved His people so much that He wanted them to listen.  I think of when I rebuke my own children.  It isn’t because I want to show them, I am right, and they are wrong.  It is so they can see I love them so much that I want them to have this information.  Maybe it is for their safety, maybe it is for a decision they are faced with, or maybe it is because they have chosen disobedience.  Whatever it is, I do so out of love.

When I go on social media, all I see from friends (who I love dearly) is hatred.  Nothing is done out of love.  It is done to be right.  I am right, and you are wrong; that is the attitude.  The loser and the winner.

If we want to become the great community of faith, we cannot do it by pointing out our differences like those are a bad thing.  God made us this way for a reason.  Our uniqueness is what we should embrace, but not at the sacrifice of the community.  Our uniqueness should connect us, not disconnect us. 

Being closed minded will not get us anywhere.  We must be open to different ideas without taking offense to them.  For goodness sake, if you get nothing out of this post but that last sentence, I will be ecstatic!

Over the last few weeks, I have been leaning on the story of Chicken Little and the Sky is Falling.  I see this mentality running rampant over social media, in the news, and even in our churches.  This pandemic could be uniting us, but instead we cannot get out of our own struggles to see the beauty of what that would mean.  Serving those in need, helping the homeless, creating care packages for those in hospitals, giving to food pantries, praying for unification, loving others more than ourselves could change this around.  Serve. Love. Unite.

Take a moment to think about what struggle is holding you back from recognizing that you have a community of love surrounding you.  Even better, you have a community of people who need your love.

What is clogging up your mind right now?  What is leading you to think only about yourself and not about others?  Change it.  Give it to God.  Move forward with making this community the beautiful example of how uniqueness can create love where hatred is at-large.  Until we all let go of our own selfish “poor me” attitude, we will never move forward as a community.

For goodness sake, stop thinking of each other as winners and losers.  We are all winners in God’s eyes. Move on from your struggle, and see God is there for you if you just let Him do His thing.  Take a moment to help show love to someone in your community. 

Be the change to unite this amazing country.  We need to change this right and wrong, winner and loser mentality.  Love with all your heart and soul.  Look away from your own circumstances and do something for others that are in need.  Pray for our country. Take the uniqueness God gave you and multiply it ten-fold to return to Him.  Serve. Love. Unite.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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