Curiosity Does Not Kill the Cat, It Keeps Him Alive

Cats by nature are curious. I watched as my own cat tiptoed across the floor exploring all sides of the house. I had just found him on a walking trail about 2 weeks ago. He was all alone, crying out, and very skinny. My animal-loving heart could not leave him. After all, so many people right now are suffering and struggling to pay the bills. I knew the amount of animals being left out in the cold would only grow. I did my due diligence though before claiming the cat for our family. I searched everywhere for an owner, took him to the vet to scan for a chip, posted on social media accounts, and even had 5 different families come meet him. So, we now have a cat. We call him Fauci.

Anyway, he is very curious. He mostly stays in our garage, but ventures into the house once a day to check things out. I watched him the other day. He was very curious.

I began to ponder my own thoughts about being curious. I teach in a middle school Montessori program. Our program only works when students are curious about learning. Actually, if you ask me, all educational programs only work if students remain curious. Curiosity drives their intrinsic motivation to learn. When a student becomes interested or intrigued in something, you cannot stop them from learning. In education, we sometimes stifle this by giving out worksheets, homework, and forgetting that when we see that spark of curiosity, we need to tap into it.

The same thing happens in my faith life. When I am curious, I am at my best. When I begin to question, seek out answers, and research, I find myself closer to Christ.

So how do you incorporate curiosity into each and every day?

When you find something that intrigues you, don’t stifle it. Go with it. Tiptoe across the floor like a cat and explore all angles. Listen to opposing views. This often solidifies why you feel a certain way. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom. Do this every day.

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it makes the cat feel alive. Allow curiosity to grow your faith. Listening to and memorizing the faith is not enough. Delving into the questions and researching how it all began will be the only thing that satisfies your hungry heart. So don’t wait! Be curious now!

Read some scripture today. Purchase a book about your faith. Listen to a podcast on Christianity. Fill your soul with Christian music. Attend church (or view livestream) and concentrate on the message. Pray that God shows you the way to curiosity.

I am off to see what my cat is up to, or maybe I will just let him be curious…

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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