Plans, Plans, and more Plans

Planning out my future has been a true delight to me. I love to make great plans about what will happen to my family, where my job is going, and most of all what I can do with my money. I love to plan out details of things and dream about how my plans will unfold.

In the last couple of years, I have seen many of my plans change drastically. Obstacles have been thrown in the way of my plans, health has changed my plans, and death has changed my plans. Recently though, I was finally back to my planning ways and felt like I was on a great track to my future. I know, dangerous waters here.

Then walks in March 2020….

Plans shattered…


Back-up plans….

I have now realized what it really means to live day to day. Does that change my planning skills? No way! I still plan, but now I have Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. Sometimes I even throw in a Plan D for fun! Everyday there is some new twist or turn which usually will create complete chaos and mourning of my plan. A roadblock in my plan in the past would have thrown me into a toddler-like tantrum in my heart. I didn’t express it outwardly, but the turmoil I felt throughout my body was just like a screaming, kicking, and pounding-of-my-hands fit that a 2 year old would throw over not getting a cookie.

The last couple of days I have found that tantrum throwing does not do me any good. Let’s face it, this change-of-plans life is going to be a daily occurrence for a while. I need to shift into what I do well – plan. But there is an added twist.

I need to plan and realize I am not in charge….God is. And His plan is always better than my plan. It doesn’t mean I stop planning, but it does mean I am more open to Plan Z which most likely will be His plan. God doesn’t want us to take a back seat in this mess. He wants us to use the wisdom He has given us to solve problems and plan for the future. He also wants us to listen to Him at the same time.

We need to allow Him to mold us, but that doesn’t mean we take a back seat to the process. We still need to participate in the plan. If we have learned anything from the last couple of weeks, it is that God is nudging us to do something, to change something, maybe even to realize something.

The tricky part is our sinfulness can get in the way of using God’s wisdom to plan how to prepare. Our pride, our jealousy, our stubbornness, our materialism, our glutiny, and our laziness will get in the way. Staying connected with God is so important at this moment and time.

Recharging my soul with God’s word over the last few weeks has brought me tremendous peace. It has allowed me to be open to His plan which a couple times matched up with my plan. It has brought me strength when I just wanted to give up. It has brought me hope when all I could see was despair in the world. God is the key to cleaning up this mess. Taking time to be with Him, listen to Him, and plan WITH God will change your life.

God gave me the gift of planning. He wants me to use it, but He wants me to do it with Him. Living day to day means praying with God daily, being in the moment of the day, and accepting the beauty that He gives us each day. It doesn’t mean to stop preparing. It means to prepare with Him leading the way.

After all, isn’t the Lenten journey all about…. Prepare the Way for the Lord…

How can you prepare, if you don’t plan?

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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2 Responses to Plans, Plans, and more Plans

  1. Beth says:

    He keeps pushing us beyond our earthly plan! We pray to him so often for what we need or want now. Underneath it all we need to be asking if my pray is a prayer that will get me closer to eternal life with Him.

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