Holy Week

“Whoever is without sin, should cast the first stone…”

Jesus so easily says these words because He knows no one is without sin.  Yet we all love to point out others’ sins.  We love to seek revenge.  We love to make our own sin seem meaningless.  We can even rationalize our sin.

How many times have you uttered…

“Well, everyone else does it.”

“My friend’s sin was worse.”

“I didn’t commit murder or anything.”

“There was no other choice.”

This week instead of rationalizing our sin, how about if we lift our sins up to Jesus Christ who died for them?  How about instead of hiding our sin, we expose it?  How about if we release our guilt of sin that is bogging down our life up to heaven?

Holy Week is upon us.  It is the time to remember that Jesus forgave all.  I just recently read on my twitter feed this quote, “I don’t think Jesus hung out with people who were just like Him.” (Thanks Pete the Planner for that)!

Jesus chooses us – not because we are like Him, but because He wants to save our aching souls.  Our souls that are weighed down by sin and regret.  Our souls that are rationalizing so we can blame others for our choice.  He wants to take that very sinfulness that is causing us pain and teach us new ways.  He wants to expose our sin, and help us learn from it.  Most importantly, He does this not because he HAS to do it, but because He WANTS to do it.

On Thursday, we will celebrate the Last Supper.  The time where Jesus takes one last effort to sit with His disciples and share a meal.  Not just any meal, but a meal that will show them the meaning of sacrifice and love.  A meal that for thousands of years will touch the hearts of many each Sunday in church.  A meal that is the center of all Christian liturgies.

Even with all the sin at that table, Jesus sits and spends His final hours with them.  He doesn’t choose the perfect people.  He chooses the sinners.  He chooses the sinners in those final hours of His life.

None of us are worthy of Christ’s love, but the awesome part is – He makes us worthy.

Soak in the gift that Christ has given you – forgiveness and love.  Soak in the joy that He offers all of us, then spread that joy to others this week.  Not because you HAVE to do it, but because you WANT to do it.  Seek that joy inwardly, then share that joy outwardly this week.

May you have a Blessed Holy Week filled with forgiveness and love.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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