When Rules Create Chaos

What is going on with our world?  I spied an article today as I was reading the news online about a young man whose varsity letter was taken away by a principal.  On the surface that doesn’t sound bad, but it gets worse.  The young man plays on a special needs recreational league, and apparently they cannot qualify for varsity letters because obviously they aren’t a varsity program.  When the young man wore the jacket to school with the “official” varsity letter the principal had him remove the jacket and gave him a sweatshirt to wear.

After watching an interview with the principal in which he stammers and stutters over his decision, not once does he offer to rethink the official ruling.  Really?

Now I am not going to harp on this one situation because this happens all too often.  We get stuck on the rules and laws and forget to use a little common sense.  Parents who send their special needs children to public schools do so – just so their child can have a little normalcy.  Yet we are going to single out and punish this child because he is just trying to fit in?  What?

Life tells us through the scriptures just how the Pharisees stuck to the rules at all cost – and look what it did for them?  Sticking to the rules at all costs will get you in a heap of trouble.  Sometimes we need to change the rules, to make new rules or to just forget the rules.

We make rules to avoid chaos – yet in this situation the school is creating chaos.  So isn’t this telling us that the rules need to change?  I could offer a few suggestions for the school, but I am thinking they really don’t want to hear from little old me.

When rules force us into chaotic situations, then something needs to change because the rules aren’t working.

Jesus in the scriptures is brought a woman caught in adultery.  The Pharisees bring her to Jesus and announce she must be stoned to death because she was caught in the very act.  Now, Jesus bends down and writes in the sand “Whoever is without sin, must throw the first stone.”  Of course, no one is without sin and Jesus is reminding them that their law is no longer working.  Forgiveness is the key to life with God.  He forgives us and we must forgive others.  The law is causing chaos instead of protecting us from it.  Jesus knew this and was trying to show the people by pointing out everyone is a sinner.

Back to the young man with the letter jacket.  I will be praying for his family, his school and all the students who are about to feel the repercussions of a dumb rule.  A rule that could easily be changed if pride could be pushed aside.  When rules create chaos, something needs to be changed…

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