The Amazing Race

Zip lining across the Grand Canyon, scaling down a skyscraper in New York City, rafting down the most dangerous rapids in the world, and eating scorpions.  Come on you all know what I am talking about.  It is the Amazing Race.  The race where people do ANYTHING to win $1 million.  The race where people conquer their fears.  The race where your hands actually sweat watching their dangerous and sometimes ludicrous feats.  My hands are sweating now just thinking about it.  Not to mention the fights the partners have.  Oh man, it makes me squirm and sometimes I have to turn off the television because I just cannot bear to watch them argue over the silliest of things because of the intense amount of stress that they are going through.

Yet, have you ever thought about your personal amazing race?

We all take on battles in life.  We all conquer at least one of our fears in life.  We all strategize and argue when we are faced with stressful situations.  Our lives are an amazing race.

In the last several years, I have felt my life turn into the amazing race more than once.  As Pete and I turned our backs on worldly items and started to turn our fronts to God; we have seen one too many mountains to scale, Grand Canyons to cross and rapids that would turn people away running.  We weren’t racing for $1 million, but it sure felt that way sometimes.  Actually, it felt like a lot more.  We turned away from the hell we had placed ourselves in and toward our heavenly reward.

As we turned our backs on the world, we opened ourselves up to criticism.  People saying behind our backs, “What are you thinking?”  Sometimes people can be your hardest leg of the race.

Pete and I realized that we would do anything for God during this race.  The best part was that we also realized that God would do anything for us.  He never left our side.

When we downsized our home, when we made hard decisions with our kids, when we sold our favorite vacation home, when Pete left his job of almost 20 years; we realized that we needed to do these things to win the race.

We needed to run this race in order to claim back our life of faith.  Faith that God would be there for us.  Faith that God knows what is best.  Faith that throwing away the idea of wealth and money was going to bring us closer to God.  Closer to God because it was going to conquer our biggest fears.  Our biggest fear that society would not appreciate us as just plain old Slamkowski’s.  Our biggest fear that money was the only way to survive in life.  Our biggest fear that facing humility might make us weak.

God calls us to the amazing race for a reason.  Each one of our races looks different.  We all have fears and God will help us overcome them.

It won’t be comfortable.  It will make our hands sweat.  It will make our stomachs turn.  It will create a little stress at times.  Yet, God promises us that He will stay with us.  He will guide us along during the race.  He will hold out His hands when we just think we cannot make it another inch.

God is our strength.  The reward is heavenly.  The race is worth it.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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3 Responses to The Amazing Race

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  2. NikkiSmalling says:

    Love this! Needed reminders of this today.

  3. themysticmom says:

    Great analogy! Now you have me also thinking about all the mundane moments that must land on the cutting room floor for the show but are still a necessary part of the journey for renewal and rest…how often do we just want to throw those away and continue the exhilarating race?? Thanks for this one!

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