Goodbye Smart Phone

I had to reblog this one. I am still without my smart phone a year later. At times, I miss it desperately, but other times I feel very free…

Making Room For God

Making Room For God

One of the many ways I am trying desperately to find myself in the desert with Christ this Lent is to give up my smart phone.  I know some of you are probably gasping!  This past weekend, I ventured to the store and traded in my smart phone for an “unsmart” phone.  Apparently this is not done too often because the sales associated was still trying to work a deal for a “smart” phone that maybe wouldn’t be so overwhelming.  I guess she didn’t get that I wasn’t overwhelmed by my smart phone.  Oh no, I idolized it.  I loved it.  I used it everyday.  I chose my smart phone over personal conversations.  I checked my smart phone every minute.  People could get me at a moment’s notice because I had my smart phone.  No, it wasn’t that I didn’t know how to use it – in fact I knew…

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