The Power of Lighting your Child’s Love Light

What if I were to tell you the secret to your child’s success is dependent on one thing?

Yesterday I was at a workshop and speaker, Sonnie McFarland, explained to all of us the importance of our inner love light.  Each of us has this light which by the way never burns out.  It may dim and brighten each day, but it never completely diminishes.

As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to help each of the children that I encounter.  I am not just talking about academics, but spiritually I want my children to feel loved, unique and important.  You know why?  Because each of them are just that: loveable, unique and important to our society.

Sonny gave us vivid visual explanations on the importance of lighting our child’s love light which in turns gives them the one tool they need to succeed.  She even gave us each a yellow felt circle which we could pin over our heart and we uttered the words Namaste.  Namaste means “I honor the place you occupy in the Universe. I honor you with love, wisdom and peace.”

I couldn’t help equating all of this to the Holy Spirit within us.  Some of us tap into Him and some of us aren’t really sure what to do with Him.  Some of us exude His presence within us, and some of us hide him away under layers of emotions, anger and struggles.  As adults, when we cannot find the hope of the Holy Spirit, we suffer.  Nothing falls into place. Life just passes us by. We cannot concentrate on anything because nothing seems to have meaning.

Children are the same way. When their love light is dim, they have a hard time concentrating on academics and social skills.  They become agitated and irritable.  Some will find it hard to accomplish even one task.  So what can we do for them?

As parents, aunts, uncles and anyone who has a relationship with children; we must find a way to turn these beautiful children’s dim light to a bright light.  So here are some steps that I deduced from the talk I heard yesterday…

  1. Listen to the children.  Let them explain what is happening and how that makes them feel.
  2. Repeat what they say. This is so important and cannot be skipped. Children need to know that you heard them.
  3. Give them the tools to calm themselves down. Find a peaceful place for them to relax.  Teaching them relaxing techniques like deep breathing.  One time a therapist told me that blowing bubbles is a great way for children to calm themselves.
  4. Teach them peaceful resolutions to conflicts in the classroom.
  5. Model the behavior that you want them to learn.
  6. Touch is so important. This is the key for children who find it hard to concentrate in a busy classroom. Sometimes they just need to feel loved and a simple touch on the arm or shoulder can do this.
  7. As the adult – always prepare yourself before interacting with kids. Find a way to center yourself before tackling a day with children. You have to relax and be completely prepared for your day.
  8. Be mindful – this means being aware of your thoughts and feelings all the time. Erase all your “to-dos” and just be there for the children.

Once our children feel loved, they will give you their best. They will feel comfortable attempting just about anything.  You may even see their academic level go up a notch.  You know why?  Because they allow their inner guide (Holy Spirit) to help them make decisions instead of their ego or past experiences.

We all are instruments that help each other grow in awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We all have the ability to dim or light up each others’ love light.  Center yourself each morning before moving out into the world.  Light your own love light before tackling your day.  Be mindful of what the task is that God has for you each and every day.

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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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