Lessons in Fasting

When something we love or need is taken away, we feel out of control, desperate, and weak.  When we feel weak and powerless, we become depressed.  Through that depression we become hopeless, defeated.

During this week of fasting, I have come to realize that without the strength of God I am nothing.  I am powerless.  I am incapable of defending my soul. I need God.

Depriving myself of food instilled a sense of desperation in me.  Hunger pains rang true to me each and every day, but as the week went on my hunger pains came less and less frequently.  My body became accustomed to the hunger.  I prayed constantly for the weak, the defeated, and the hopeless.  I asked God for help.

It opened my eyes to how often I go through my daily routine clueless of how privileged I am. I don’t recognize those that are right next to me suffering from powerlessness.  I am oblivious to those who need a helping hand.

Food is a necessity in life.  Without food, our body loses energy, we become weak.  Without food, our brains don’t function quite to the level of when we are fueling our body.  Without food, we are forced to go through the day hoping that it ends soon.

Not only does food inflict this weakness over our soul, but many other things too.  Injury can be a shot to our soul.  Sickness can cause a loss of control.  The loss of a job or change of management can do it.  The death of a loved one can change our life to the point we feel defeated.  I could go on and on.

Feeling defeated happens when our life takes a change that we had no control over.  We couldn’t have changed the circumstances because it was beyond what we are capable of as humans.  We realize that we are not in control of our life, and it is scary.

When we hold the world over faith, a change (or a struggle) can strike us down.  When we hold faith over the world, a change (or a struggle) is just a bump in the road; a way to make us closer to God.

I found so many beautiful outcomes from my fasting this week.  I found God was always there for me when I was feeling weak.  I found a closeness to my family who were all suffering in different ways throughout the week.  I found that not having control over things in life is okay.  God will take care of my every need.

Fasting produced within me a strong faith.  I purposely gave a need over to God.  I allowed God to strengthen me in my weakness.  I found joy in my struggle.  I endured the pain because I knew so many in my life were feeling defeated and helpless, and I wanted to experience that with them.  Just as Jesus suffered for me on the cross; I wanted to suffer for my family.  After all we can only truly empathize with people if we go through similar or the same circumstances.

God gave me the strength to endure, persevere, and be joyous in the midst of powerlessness.

For all those feeling defeated, know that God is by your side.  He wants you to give up your burdens to Him.  Let Him walk you through your circumstances.  Turn your back on worldly goods and ideas, and allow Him to be in control.  He will show you joy in the midst of powerlessness.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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2 Responses to Lessons in Fasting

  1. Jama says:

    What was your method of fasting? Just curious….NO eating or like Lent, very little?

    • aslamkowski says:

      Hi Jama – I added it to my blog the day before this one, but it was a light breakfast (oatmeal usually), rice cake and peanut butter for lunch and the same for dinner. No snacks.

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