Dare to Be an Andrew

I dare you to be an Andrew.

The first disciple of Christ.  The first to really understand who Jesus was: the Messiah.  A top notch evangelizer (He brought along his brother, Peter).

Andrew paved the way for all of us.  His dedication, loyalty and faith were extraordinary.

Many times I have backed down from professing my faith to someone because I know it might be uncomfortable or awkward.  I have opted for the easy way out.  Andrew never took the easy way out and he always trusted in the Lord.  He dared to be different.

I dare you to be an Andrew.

Andrew faithfully paved the way for Christ.  He was known as a follower of John the Baptist.  So it is safe to assume that he had heard of Jesus.  When Jesus approached Andrew and Peter on the boat, Andrew instantly knew it was the right choice to follow Him.  As he followed Jesus, he took Peter along with him.  He dared to be different.

I dare you to be an Andrew.

Imagine that your tag-along would become the first leader after Jesus… Pretty good snag, huh?  Yet Andrew’s actions lead me to believe he was pretty humble.  After all, we don’t hear about him a lot in the bible.  Yet he died on a cross, reportedly an actual X-like cross; because he didn’t believe he was worthy to die like Christ.  They bound his legs and arms to the X, and hung him to die.  He died for his faith.  He professed the Word even when it was hard.  He handed over the first leader of the Christian church to Christ.  He dared to be different.

I dare you to be an Andrew.

Andrew was present at almost every big event: the Last Supper, the multiplying of the loaves and fishes, and he was there when Jesus predicted the destruction of the Temple.  I bet though that most of you didn’t even realize his significance.  He is humbly there with Peter, James, John and Phillip most of the time.  He never takes pride in his accomplishments because he knows they are for God’s Glory.  He always takes a back seat to the accolades because he knows he is there to spread the Good News, humbly.  He knows and recognizes the importance of showing off the Lord; not himself.  He always chooses others over himself.  He stands for what is good and right.  He stands up for the meek and the humble.  He sacrifices himself for the Lord.  He dares to be different.

I dare you to be an Andrew.

So when you are sitting back, relaxing and enjoying your day.  Remember that God can work through you just like he worked through Andrew.  Your story may not be written up.  Your story may never be uttered by a soul.  Yet you have the power to be just like Andrew: a faithful, dedicated servant to Christ.  Who knows you may even evangelize or shine like God’s face to someone who becomes the next leader in your church.

Don’t wait to reveal God’s Glory to someone in your life.  Dare to be an Andrew.


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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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