Dead End Job

I have a great opportunity for you.  Raise your hand if you would like to take a dead end job!  Come on, I know you want to do it!  Take it!

Not many of us want to venture into that messy situation.  Well, I happen to know someone who did just that.  Yep, they took on a job that they knew would lead to nowhere.  Possibly even put them in a position to not have a job.  A career killer of a job.

My dear friend, whom I know has a great head on her shoulders did just that.

I thought she was crazy.

I shook my head in disbelief.

After all, she had a family to feed.

What was she thinking?

She had a great job.  She made great money.  Why would she allow the big wigs in her company to place her in a position like this?  They gave her an opportunity to say no, yet she really felt compelled to do it.

Recently, it has come to light why this successful business woman would do such a thing:  she was listening to God.

Because she took the chance to help out a financially strapped company, because she stuck her neck out to research and help this company in need, because she spent countless hours of her own time restructuring this organization; many, many people kept their jobs.

Many people got to see the face of God through her.  Brilliant, huh?

I watched my friend struggle, stress and persevere through the toughest circumstances.  She used her genius level brain to find ways to help people who were about to lose their only income.  She gave them the ability to find a job.  She was amazing to watch.  In the end, her own job is up in the air.  She isn’t sure what to do next, but she knows she did exactly what God called her to do.  Not many people would do that.  Not many people would tackle a dead end job.

Not many people would forgo a successful career just to help others.  She explained to many of us that the career move would bring her a wealth of experience.  It would train her to work under extreme pressure to overcome what seemed like insurmountable challenges.  She told us all that it would be okay.  She wasn’t worried, but we were worried for her.

She was humbling herself for God.

She trusted.  She trusted that God would watch out for her family while she took on this venture for Him.

And He did.

He made sure her family was safe.  He made sure her family had everything they needed.  He ensured that her family continued to live out their lives without bitterness and regret.  He paved the way for it all.

In the end, we all learned a lesson from her.  Not many people would take on such a position because it doesn’t glorify anyone except God.  My friend would receive no accolades from her bosses (in fact she would probably lose her job).  My friend would be a silent partner for God.  He would get the Glory and she knew He deserved it.

She still struggled from time to time.  I am sure there were moments when she threw up her arms and asked, “Why me?”  But her faith persevered through those moments of insanity.  Her faith lifted her out of those battles.

I wish I had that kind of faith; that trust that God would provide.  The kind of trust that only God and you will recognize.  God and my friend were partners in a venture that would in the end turn hearts toward Him.  No newspaper would report the good that came out of it.  The news anchors are not going to start off this story in the breaking news section of their report.  Nope, just God and my friend would be able to smile at their accomplishments.

My friend would return home to her family, and listen for God’s nudges once again.  She would wait silently with no worries about her future because she knows that God’s plan is always the best.

Colossians 3:23  Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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