Supernatural Marriage

Making Room For God

I have a supernatural marriage. I know you think I am kidding, but I am dead serious. My marriage is extraordinary and supernatural. Not because of anything that Pete and I have done. It is solely because of who we invited into our marriage.

This weekend at a wedding that I attended the priest (Fr. Thomas Haan) spoke about marriage. “When you marry with God as part of your union, your marriage is supernatural.” It just has the extra “umph” that helps your marriage prosper. The key is you must invite God into the marriage. You have to include Him in all that you do. You have to let Him be a party to it all.

Supernatural. So, if you had a chance to change your marriage from ordinary to supernatural – why wouldn’t you? Why would you pass up a chance to get some extra help in your marriage?

During the wedding celebration, a reading from the book of Tobit was spoken. Now, Tobit is a book of the bible that only exists in some translations. Some books were eliminated from the printing of the bible depending on which counsel made the decisions (this is the simplistic way of explaining this). Tobit intertwines history and folklore to reveal the wisdom of prayer and faithfulness, and delves into the world of struggles that lead to depression. If you want to take a gander at Tobit, you can go to and look it up.

Tobit and Sarah (who did not know each other) prayed to God to take them from the world. Their struggles seemed unbearable, and neither of them wanted to live any longer. Tobit was a wealthy Israelite who was deported to Nineveh and later was blinded. Sarah has lost seven husbands. Each and every husband was killed on their wedding night by a demon named Asmodeus. God hears their prayers and sends an angel, Raphael, to heal them both.

In the end, Tobit’s son (Tobiah) marries Sarah. Before their marriage, Tobiah does as God instructs and the demon, Asmodeus, flees into Upper Egypt. The angel pursues and binds his hands and feet. After this Tobiah and Sarah pray this prayer to God (Tobit 8:5-8):

“God of our ancestors, you are worthy of praise. May your name be honored forever and ever by all your creatures in heaven and on earth.

You created Adam and gave him his wife Eve to be his helper and support. They became the parents of the whole human race. You said, it is not good for man to live alone. I will make a suitable helper for him.

Lord, I have chosen Sarah because it is right, not because I lusted for her. Please be merciful to us and grant that we may grow old together.”

Then they both said Amen and went to bed for the night.

The awesome part of these verses is the fact that Sarah and Tobiah invited God into their marriage. They praised and thanked Him for all He had done. Their marriage became supernatural that night.

All of our marriages can become supernatural. We just have to invite God into them. He will come. He will be there to help us through the struggles. Willingly, He will make our ordinary marriages become supernatural.


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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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2 Responses to Supernatural Marriage

  1. Melanie F. says:

    Hey Anne – Great post – I could not find the Tobit book in bible gateway – how would I look for this? It seems to do a search you must know the translation – I could not find it in the list?


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