Making Room For God

This morning Katie and I were sitting at the kitchen table when she asked the question, “Does Mary have powers like Jesus and God?”

Katie is such a thinker – you just never know what is going to come out of her mouth. First thing in the morning questions from her can kind of throw me for a loop. I am never quite ready for her questions before my first cup of coffee.

“What makes you ask that Katie?” I responded hoping to find the motivation and thought process behind her question before I answered.

“Well, you know Elsa from the movie Frozen? I was thinking that Mary had powers like that. Not snow stuff but you know powers.”

I didn’t know what “powers” Katie was speaking of and I was hopeful that I had not implied that Jesus and God produced magical powers somehow in our conversations. I wanted to dig deep with Katie, but I have to do it delicately because her feelings get hurt so easily.

“You know Katie, Mary doesn’t have magical powers like Elsa. Mary is the mother of Jesus. Like all moms – Mary has a special bond with her son. We do ask Mary for help sometimes, and I truly believe she goes to Jesus and lets him know when we need help. Even though she isn’t magical, she is amazing. She was an amazing mom to Jesus – and that is pretty special.”

I think you all can imagine Katie’s reply, “Too bad because I was hoping she was magical. That is how I picture it.”

Yep. We all picture Jesus, God and even Mary as magical. After Katie left for school, I looked up the definition for magical.  The definition of magical is to be beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life. I think that sums it up pretty well. I know that many people believe that Catholics idolize Mary, but that is so far from the truth. Catholics respect and honor Mary as the greatest mother. She is a role model to all of us. She raised our King. She watched Him suffer and die on a cross. She did it all with dignity, grace and humility. She is amazing.

I can see why Katie sees them all as magical. Through a child’s eyes that is how they seem. They are spectacular and magnificent. They are perfect and capable of changing the world. God and Jesus do this through miracles. Mary did this by raising Jesus just as she was instructed to do.  It was magical.

The last few days of lent, think about how your life is affected by the beauty of God. How has He blessed you, stretched your faith, sat by you in times of need, or just listened to your prayers? Think of God through the eyes of a child…magical.

Luke 18:17 I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.

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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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2 Responses to Magical

  1. themysticmom says:

    You have given me my meditation for today: the paradox of Mary, whom we often perceive to be “beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life,” but who, in many ways, lived the most ordinary, everyday life as wife and mother. Why do so many of us who are “just moms” continue to search for deeper callings? It seems to me that, in Mary, we can see that through her “yes” God proclaims that motherhood, in and of itself, with all the joys and pains it brings, is now–and always has been — “enough.” Hmmm…. 🙂

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