Opening Your Heart

Making Room For GodAs my daughter, Megan, began her 10 mile run this morning her asthma kicked in. She has been battling her asthma since we arrived in Florida a few days ago. I chose to ride my bike behind her on this 10 miler she was putting in today. I carried her inhaler in my backpack along with some water while she ran her 10 miles along the Florida streets. As I was riding, I began my prayers. Through this time with God, I realized that my faith is just like Megan’s asthma.

Sometimes I am doing great in my faith life. I feel good. I participate at church. I worship and praise God. I am on a spiritual high. Other times, I find myself smack in the middle of a spiritual low. I cannot seem to shake the unhappy feeling, and I struggle to get myself back on track. It happens in the most unexpected places and inconvenient times. If I could only watch for the signs, so I could see it coming. Why does that spiritual low always hit from nowhere. Or does it?

When Megan arrived in Florida, the humidity was at an all time high, the sun was hot and strong, then the cough began. The dreaded cough. The cough that signals me to tell Megan to “take your inhaler.” Every four hours I continue to nag at her – “take your inhaler.” Sometimes she listens and other times she ignores me.

God gives me this advice too. When I am slowly moving on that path away from Him, He tugs at my heart – “take time for me, Anne.” Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don’t . He gives me the signs, but I choose to do it my way.

After day 3 of suffering and coughing, Megan finally gave in. She started to take her inhaler every four hours and kept up with her maintenance medication. Soon her body was back and ready to run. It frustrated her that she had the setback, but at the same time it reminded her to listen to her body more closely (and listen to her mom).

I wish it only took me 3 days of suffering to get back on track, but sometimes it takes me years. I struggle and fight through life. I wish things could get easier, yet I decide that my plan is best and God’s is wrong. I convince myself that I know the best way to get through life, and I ignore God.

So today when I was praying while riding my bike, I asked God to open my heart to His plan. I know He has a lot of changes ahead for Pete and I, and I want to be open to those great plans. I don’t want to close my heart. I prayed for God’s strength to step away from my stubborn heart, to push away from selfish desires and to move me faithfully toward His awesome plan.

We all suffer from self desires and self motivated plans. We all believe we know the best way to do things. Where does that leave God? If our plans are the best and only way to do things, then what is God there for? Open your heart today to God’s great plan for you. Pray for His guidance.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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