Healing of the Blind Man

Making Room For GodReflections from John 9:1-34 Jesus Heals the Man Who Was Blind

The healing of the blind man was a pivotal teaching of Jesus. The Jewish leaders had added a rule to God’s law that said no healing was to be done on the Sabbath because that would be considered work. Jesus wanted to reveal to these Jewish leaders that their rules were not necessarily God’s rules. They needed to remember the spirit of the law and not just the law. So, Jesus heals 7 times on the Sabbath. One of these times was the healing of the blind man in John 9:1-34.

Lesson 1: We are not punished by God for our sins

The blind man was born blind – which was considered to be sinful. The thought was either the man’s parents were sinful or he was sinful. Jesus answers this thought with, “It is not because of his sin or his parents’ sins. It happened so the power of God could be seen in him.”

God does not punish us for our past and present sins. He will use bad things that happen to us though for good purposes. Yes, this man was born blind. Yes, his family was chastised and gossiped about because of his blindness. Yes, their life was a struggle. Years down the road though, and I mean years. God used that blindness to produce a miracle that would radically change the world. Wow!

Lesson 2: Jesus uses nature to heal – no potions or magic tricks up his sleeves

What Jesus does next is interesting. He spits on the ground to make mud and spreads this concoction over the man’s eyes. Then he says to the man, “Go wash yourself in the pool of Siloam.”

Yuck. Come on you know you all are thinking it. It just seems wrong. Yet Jesus is using very ordinary natural things to heal this man. The earth that we all came from (we come from dust and to dust we will return) and His own saliva. Natural, ordinary things heal this man of his ailment. It may seem gross, but in all actuality Jesus is showing us that things right beneath our eyes can be used for healing.

Sometimes we go searching for the newest and best remedies for our illnesses. New drugs come on the market all the time. They heal all sorts of things, yet they cause all new problems to our bodies at the same time. My daughter Katie takes seizure medication. The seizure medication cures the seizure activity, but causes all kinds of behavioral issues and liver problems. On top of giving Katie her daily medication, I pray for a miracle for my Katie – full healing with no side effects. Because I want her to have that beautiful miracle and I truly believe that God can produce that for her – if it is in His plan.

When Jesus heals, there are no side effects. He heals completely – like no drug ever can. Don’t forget to ask Him for that miracle – and don’t forget you need to believe it can happen.

No need to look for magic tricks or poofs of light to produce a miracle. No need to concoct special drugs to heal the sick. Jesus used what was all around Him. He used what God created to make things happen and to inspire change.

Lesson 3: After a miracle we may be renewed but those around us may not be affected at all.

After the healing takes place, the blind man is overjoyed and excited to share his news. So when the blind man (now sighted) goes out to tell everyone, they all have a different reaction. Some are a little skeptical, his parents are frightened (because they could be excommunicated) and the Pharisees are threatened. Yet the blind man doesn’t care – he is overjoyed at his sight. Everyone is questioning him and he keeps telling them over and over what happened. Their doubt irritates him a little.

John 9:27 “Look!” the man exclaimed. “I told you once didn’t you listen? Why do you want to hear it again?”

Jesus’ healing changed the blind man. Not just healing his ailment, but healing his faith. He was on fire for Christ and so many were doubtful, scared and threatened that they couldn’t see the miracle that was just performed.

How many times have I done this? A miracle is performed right before my very eyes and all I can do is produce doubt and fear about what just happened. I miss the miracle because I am so busy trying to get all the facts. The whole story. Every detail of the entire event that transpired.

You know this miracle had so many wonderful lessons to it. Jesus used this not only to change the blind man, but to reveal that God had sent Him to redeem the world. You could choose to believe it or not. Jesus was there to offer it to the world, but the world didn’t always accept it with open arms. Not much different than today, right?

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