Power of Forgiveness

Making Room For GodReflection based upon John 4:5-42 The Woman at the Well

How many times have I decided not to share my faith because I am positive no one will believe what I say?  Even worse, people might laugh at my belief.  Deep down I know God wants me to share the beauty of His Word, but I turn my back and run.  I don’t want to make people uncomfortable.  I don’t want to offend anyone.  I don’t want to do something that might be different from society.

Here comes the Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s well.  She comes up to the well at noon time which meant she was probably hiding from the rest of the women in the village.  Most women went to fetch the water early in the morning when the day was not scorching hot.   This woman though chose to go alone without the companionship of others which means she was probably not well liked.

As women, we love to travel in packs.  We enjoy talking with each other and spending time together.  When we are alone – it usually is for a reason – usually an escape.  We are escaping something.  We are hiding from others.  We feel left out or picked on.

So, here comes the Samaritan woman and this Jewish man starts talking to her.  Not only is it known in town that she has had many husbands, but she is living with one in sin.  No one – not even the people in her town would talk to her, but a Jew starts a conversation.  She is taken aback.  Jews think Samaritans are lowly and pathetic.  They wouldn’t even make eye contact with the people of Samaria, let alone talk to them.

Yet, Jesus chooses to talk to her and reveal her sinful behavior.  He offers her forgiveness of her sinful choices.  He exposes her.  She runs back and tells the entire town of the Messiah’s presence.

Can you imagine?  Take this from the town’s view.  This crazy, sinful woman comes running down from the well and exclaims the Messiah is here – in Samaria.  He is at the well!  He exposed all of her sins and forgives her.  She is excited, joyful – there is something different about her.  It intrigues the villagers enough to go up to the well and check this out for themselves.  What do they have to lose?

When I feel unworthy of spreading God’s message, do I jump at the chance to tell others?  The Samaritan Woman did.  So why do I hold back?

None of us feel like we are worthy enough to be God’s messenger, but he makes us worthy.  He forgives our sins.  He justifies us with His Grace.  Jesus died on a cross for us to make us worthy of spreading His Word.  So when I choose not to spread this message, I am turning my back on that cross.  I am denying what Jesus did for me.

This Samaritan Woman took a step that most people would not have.  After all those townspeople had been cruel and mean to her.  She could have held this news to herself, but she didn’t.  She wanted the world to know they too could be forgiven – because she was!  She was on fire for Christ!   Forgiveness had trumped loneliness.

This Lent be on fire for Christ.  Let Christ’s message shine through you!  Soak in the power of forgiveness.

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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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