The Reality of Addiction

Making Room For GodGuilt ridden.  Full of sorrow.  Unhappy with life choices. Seeing more hopelessness than hopefulness.  Everyone around you is irritating.  You are annoyed when people talk to you and annoyed when people avoid you.  Loneliness sets in.  Depression hits you.  You make up a fantasy life in order to avoid reality.  Lies flow off your tongue without thought.  You live in the lies making them become reality.  You tell your “church friends” you don’t need to go to church to worship God.  You make yourself believe that helping others is enough – even though you desperately need help yourself.  You push God away.  You live in an imaginary, dark, desolate world that you have created.

If you any of those phrases made you lift your eyebrow, you may want to read on today.

Life certainly can be messy.  Avoiding reality is the first sign that you have pushed God out of your life and allowed evil to infiltrate your soul.  This can happen for so many reasons.  You may feel like life just hasn’t been fair to you.  You may have an addiction that has taken hold of the very air you breathe.  You may be sinking in a pit of depression.  Whatever the reason, you have lost your grip on God, but He has not let go of you.

Guilt will overcome your soul and you will find yourself making excuses to avoid God.  You will be adamant that you don’t need Him to help you out of this hole.  God won’t let go.  He will grasp you anywhere and everywhere he can even when you smack your hand at His grip.

Addiction has found a way into my family, and I find it hard to deal with.  This ugly disease can destroy and defeat anyone it comes into contact with.  Addiction has taken down some of the best people.  These people are ministers, doctors, lawyers, Harvard graduates, executives, teachers, police officers, and our own family members.  Addiction destroys families.  Its starts with a sip and ends with a few bottles.  It begins with a few lies and ends up with habitual lying.  It starts with a pill for pain and ends up with a pill to deal with any problem that is thrown your way.  It kills many men and women every year.  It is a deadly disease with a horrible, painful, and drawn out death associated with it.  It whispers, “Drink me (take me, allow me, smoke me), you can control me,” to many people.  It paints an ugly picture when you are without it: a picture of defeat, loneliness, and unworthiness.  The devil uses addiction to snap away good men and women from our lives.

When addiction takes over, it is hard for God to gain ground again in the addict’s life.  In fact, I have no idea how God works His miracles through addicts.  Somehow, he does though, because there are thousands of recovering addicts here today.  God holds on to you, even when you can hold on no more.

You don’t have to be addicted to drugs and alcohol to keep you away from God.  You can be addicted to idols; food, money, possessions, spoiling your kids and habitually trying to please others.

Strength, perseverance, and will power are all attributes that God desperately tries to reveal to the addict.  He wants them to see that there is life without drugs, alcohol, money, lying, possessions, or whatever it is you think you cannot live without.  Whatever it is that is  more important than being with Him.

It is so easy to push aside God because the addiction has taken over.  The addiction makes you think you cannot live without it.  It has clouded your thoughts and mind.  Addiction sends this cloud of fog over your life.  Thicker and thicker becomes the fog, as it slowly takes over your very being.  It takes away reality and allows you to live in fantasy for one more moment.   This fog covers up the consequences of this behavior also: death of the spirit, mind and body.

My request today is that you pray for all those affected by addiction.  Pray for them to come back to God.  Pray for them to seek God and let go of their addiction.  Pray for them to be strong even when they think they have nothing left to give.  Ask God to make all addicts realize they have a reason to live: to show His Glory through their suffering, to help others overcome this debilitating disease, and to prove that there is more to life than dwelling in our sufferings.  Pray for God to clear the fog, and reveal the beauty of His Light in the midst of enormous darkness.

John 8:12 Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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1 Response to The Reality of Addiction

  1. This is so uplifting. I recently broke up with a heroin addict and I can only hope that he fights off his demons and stays sober for a life time.

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