The Secret to Faith


How many people have touched your life because they dared to share their journey of faith with you?  My guess is you could name at least one person in your lifetime that has shared a personal experience with you and it somehow changed your life for the better.  If that person would have held back and decided that their journey wasn’t worth sharing – can you imagine the path your life would have missed out on?

When we share our struggles and open our doors to the secret rooms in our life, we enrich other people’s lives without even knowing it.  I have heard so many testimonies of faith and all of them change me for the better.  All of those individuals gave of themselves so that I could see God through their eyes.

Did you hear what I said there?  When someone hands over their life journey to you, it is the only time that you will see God through their own eyes.  It is unique.  It is amazing.  It is inspirational.  We get a glimpse of God through our own eyes everyday (at least if we choose to do so), but rarely do we get to see God through someone else’s eyes.

Let’s take our friendships as an example.  I have friends in my life that I have known for years.  I am not kidding – some for 38 years.  These people have known me through all of the stages in my life.  Some were good and some were bad.  Who I was when I was five is much different than who I am at 42 years of age.  And it would take WAAAYYY to long to share all those hills and valleys in this blog.  These people probably have a preconceived notion of what I am like – and rightly so, because we have known each other a long time.  Most of these people do not know me outside of social events.  You know, the yearly dinners or class reunions, or bumping in to each other at the grocery or our kids’ activities.  Most of these friends do not understand the magnitude of God in my life.

Now if these friends were to connect with some of my friends who only know me through church, they may get a new view of me.  They may have a hard time recognizing the Godly side of me.  It might be hard for them to imagine that I have changed so much in all of these years.  And it may be really hard for them to understand my church friends’ perspective on me.  It is a glimpse of me that they never knew existed.

This is the side of God that draws us in when others share their faith journey.  We get to see that new side of God.  We think we know God.  We think we have a great relationship with God through prayer and life circumstances.  The kicker is we really only know Him through our experiences.  When we get that glimpse of him through others it is incredible.  It is eye-opening.

So, where am I going with all this?  If we don’t share our faith with others, how can they possibly see God from all sides?  How can they possibly get the full picture of what God looks like to all of us?  If we only look at God through our glasses, then we lose out on the richness of God.  We limit our perspective to just what we think He looks like.  We become stubborn in our faith life because we aren’t open to seeing Him in many different ways.

Noah’s vision of God was much different than Abraham’s.  Abraham’s was much different than Lot’s.  Jacob’s was much different from his brother, Esau’s.  Ruth’s was much different from Boaz’s.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all give us slightly different perspectives of the same events in the Gospels.  Yet we get the privilege of reading all about their faith journey and seeing God through their eyes.  We get to experience hundreds of unique relationships in order for us to become closer than ever to our great and faithful God.  The bible isn’t just made up of one perspective on God.  It is a compilation of everyone’s journey with God.

Thank goodness all of the prophets, apostles and writers of the bible didn’t hold back their stories to only share with a select few.  Thank goodness they allowed all of us to see their unique and beautiful view of faith.

Don’t hide away your faith from others – share it.  Don’t close the door to your secret relationship with God, open it wide for all to see.

How can you share your own journey with someone today?

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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5 Responses to The Secret to Faith

  1. Marene says:

    Anne, this is incredible! Thank you for sharing your journey with me!

  2. themysticmom says:

    This is a beautiful analogy that I must remember! I often struggle with trying to make God “my own” by putting Him in a box of sorts and saying, “This is God-in-me,” instead of growing and understanding through others the infinite depth, magnitude and connectedness of the eternal “God-in-us.”

  3. Melanie F. says:

    Love this post Anne – so true!

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