Heh God, I Get It Already!

Making Room For GodHave you ever been in the midst of so many trials that you ask God, “What is going on here?  What are you trying to teach me that I am not getting?”  This weekend I spent a beautiful day at Mary’s Farm in Bloomington Indiana with two friends, praying and seeking God.  No joke, for 3 hours we prayed our little hearts out and listened to monks chant in complete peace.  No outside interferences, just peace.  I soaked it into my soul.  I felt refreshed, loved and content with life.  Have you ever felt this way?  You just cannot help but feel God’s presence all around you.

Once I arrived home, BAM, life came back.  No joke.  After spending the beautiful day with friends, soaking up God’s love, my entrance back into my world came with a big fat, “Hello Misery.”

You see in the next 24 hours, Pete would hit my new car with his new car, my renters would call to inform me that the toilet is broken (which I have had a plumber out 4 times to fix in the last 2 months), the water softener at my house would break (again for the 8th time) and Katie would have two seizures.

Now when you read that, what do you think God is telling me?  I keep telling myself that God is trying to let me see that I value material possessions more than I think.  I have been whispering to myself that I need to let go of all my materialism and let God take control of my world.  I have been adamant that God needs me to see that downsizing into this home is not enough – I need to do more.  I was okay with that, but I told God last week that I had learned my lesson and now I am pretty sure He does not think I have.

So what do I do?  Yesterday, my family and I went to our local state fair.  We had a great time, but on the back of my mind was all the problems and heartache that come with the problems.  I couldn’t shake my misery.  When we arrived back home, I went out and began reading a book by Donna Jones entitled, “Seek.”  Great read by the way.

Somewhere in the midst of reading on my hammock, I hear, “fight the good fight.”  So I googled it.  Guess what came up first?  Scripture of course.

I Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called

After letting this sink in, we took the kids to church last night.  Guess what our sermon was on?

Luke 12:13-21 – to sum it up it was the story of the man who kept building bigger barns to store up all his excess goods

Ecclesiastes 1:2 Vanity Of vanities

No joke.  I am not kidding.  So it left me saying, “Hmmm…”  I distinctly heard (even over Katie’s whispering in my ear) God say, “This is not going to be easy, but you need to plow through this.  I have work for you to do.”

So here I am this morning.  Not really jumping with excitement at calling the plumber and the water softener people, but knowing in order to do God’s work, I must “plow through” this day.  He will take care of me.  And I opened up my bible study lesson and it said this…

“You are a woman perfectly equipped to say yes to Him. Notice I didn’t say you are a perfect woman. But if you are in the thick of living with all that life throws at you and you simply whisper yes, you are equipped.  You don’t need perfect circumstances to be a woman who says yes to God.” (Lysa TerKeurst)

If you are caught up in your circumstances, don’t be.  Don’t let the enemy take away your strength.  Fight the good fight.  Take on the battle.  Recognize you cannot do it alone. Ask God for strength.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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1 Response to Heh God, I Get It Already!

  1. Susan Melenchuk says:

    Thanks Anne. This was the perfect post for me today. God Bless!

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