God Called Me Today

Yesterday, I logged onto my friend, Lisa’s, blog. As I scrolled down I came across this writing:


Oh yes, the supermom topic. How we all want to be the supermom. Whatever that means to you in your head it could range from Leave It To Beaver mom, June Cleaver all the way to The Brady Bunch Mom, Carol Brady. Who knows what your ideal mom is, but I am sure you have one. Although I cannot identify with one perfect image of motherhood for myself, I would venture to say it isn’t defined by one identity. It is a compilation of my friends and family members. I like to pick and choose characteristics of those people. What got me as I was reading through her stimulating blog was that I was struggling. I hadn’t realized I was struggling, but somehow through her writing, I became completely and utterly aware that I was craving something more in my “momhood.”

After the last month of driving my kids everywhere (and I mean everywhere), I have begun to feel like a taxi driver who doesn’t get thanked, paid or appreciated. My oldest is still attending the school system that we moved from, so I take her every morning to her school (20 minutes away). I then drive another 20 minutes to take my other two kids. Sometimes doctor appointments and errands delay my arrival back home until after 11am and I left my home at 7am. I have no time to enjoy the beauty of my new backyard, to walk the dog, to take my daily run or to blog. Because once I prepare my lunch and put in laundry and pay bills, it is time to pick up all those kids again. First I go back and pick up TJ and Katie and drive them home, then I have 20 minutes at home and I have to hop back in my car and pick up Megan after her track practice. Megan’s track practice ends at 5pm so that places me right in the middle of rush hour traffic. BLAH! Then I arrive home and start taking people to soccer, gymnastics and meetings!!! I am exhausted.

After reading Lisa’s message, I realized that God has a calling that is just for me – Anne Slamkowski. My calling right now (at least for today) is to drive my (actually HIS) kids to their proper places. He needs me to taxi for HIM. My payment is heaven. My thanks is eternal life.

So this morning when I awoke to another day of driving, I had a different attitude. As I drove to Middle School, I thought about God calling me up on the phone and asking me to take his child, Megan to school this morning. Sure, I’d be happy to. My next phone call was to take His two kiddos, TJ and Katie to school. Sure thing, God. He also needed me to take myself to a doctor appointment, pick up some mulch and spread it, and then return back to get His kids from school. Okay, that sounds a little exhausting God, but anything for you. By the way, He will give me unlimited energy to conquer this busy day. Wow – like Mountain Dew? Yep, just like Mountain Dew, only better. It is what God likes to call Grace. He is going to give me Grace. All I have to do to receive this energy is to smile and accept the day for what it is. No complaints. No mumbling under my breath. No thinking about what tomorrow holds. Just smile. In return God will give me the Grace to conquer this very eventful day.

God needs me to work for Him today. Now when I think of my chores, errands and driving responsibilities like that, it makes me smile. I couldn’t help but smile all the way to school, to the doctor to the store, and back again to school. I couldn’t help but think that God needs me to help HIM. I am his hands and feet on earth. I am the way He will touch the lives of others and be able to offer them eternal life. I am God’s tool here on earth. Now that is powerful stuff. Several days ago, God asked Lisa to write a blog. She did it and because of that she touched my life. God uses all of us as his instruments – who would want to miss out on the opportunity to help someone conquer their day with God at the forefront? Not me.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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