Easter Reflection

Under the SurfaceWaves in. Waves out. This morning as I sit beside the ocean, I can hear and see the beauty of God’s creation. To think what lives under this enormous body of water is just overwhelming. There is such beauty on the surface, yet there is so much more under the water. Creatures, volcanoes, and sand – an entire world under the water that cannot be seen except if you dive under the waves. As we approach Easter Sunday, I cannot help but compare the two. Christ will arise, and his visible body will return to all those who were in mourning. The miracle that he proclaimed will indeed happen, but there is so much more to the miracle than just Christ returning in human form. You see, Christ will fight off our sins and come back from the dead. He will show that He is the strength that will conquer our sins forever and lead us to eternal life. But if you look deep, if you take that dive under the surface, you will see that Christ will not only show us that He is the strength, but he will show us how to be that strength. Christ after rising will reveal the Holy Spirit; the strength that will stay with us even when his “body” returns to heaven.
It is a gift. A gift that if we do not look below the surface, will never be revealed. We have to call upon God when we are in need, and He will answer us. He has given us the ultimate sacrifice so that we can experience His Grace and Mercy. But the trick is, we have to accept this gift. We have to open this gift. We have to embrace this gift. Dive beneath the surface of the resurrection today. Don’t miss out on the gift that God has given you. There is so much more to this day than Easter eggs, candy and bunnies. There is the option of a new life, the forgiveness of sins, the strength of the Holy Spirit.

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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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1 Response to Easter Reflection

  1. Very good post. Powerful message that we forget and need to be reminded. We have been given such a powerful gift and many of us fail to open the box. There are those who open the box and forget about what is inside of the box. It is sad, but posts like yours will remind us of the gift.

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