Lenten Reflection Day 21

Make Room for God in Lent!
With the countdown of our move less than a week and half away, I can tell you I am getting a little bit anxious. Pete might tell you that I am over-the-top losing my mind. Check out this article from WebMD:


Within this story, it pinpoints moving as one of the top stressors in life. Hmm… So I chose to move my family on purpose to a smaller house, to downsize our life, in order to make us closer to God; yet all of this is causing a huge amount of stress on my family. Hmm… Why did I do this again? Deep breaths. Moving down through the article it states that we can cause stress to form in our life internally. In other words, I am making myself stressed out; it isn’t the outside world inflicting stress upon me. I am my biggest enemy right now. Specifically I do this by:

“Fear and uncertainty. When you regularly hear about the threat of terrorist attacks, global warming, and toxic chemicals on the news, it can cause you to be stressed, especially because you feel like you have no control over those events. Fears can also hit closer to home, such as being worried that you won’t finish a project at work or won’t have enough money to pay your bills this month.

Attitudes and perceptions. How you view the world or a particular situation can determine whether it causes stress.

Unrealistic expectations. No one is perfect. If you expect to do everything right all the time, you’re destined to feel stressed when things don’t go as expected.

Change. Any major life change can be stressful — even a happy event like a wedding. More unpleasant events, such as a divorce, major financial setback, or death in the family can be significant sources of stress.”

So I have hit all four of these in the last several months. Sure, I am fearful and uncertain that I might be making a big mistake. I am fearful of leaving my family and friends (although I am not moving far). I am fearful that once my family gets there they might be disappointed in the move. Although I try not to rule my life on other people’s attitudes and perceptions, I cannot help but think that people are talking about me behind my back. You know, saying that I am crazy for leaving my family and friends and the comfort of my beautiful home. I compound that feeling of inadequacy with unrealistic expectations. Thinking that this is the solution to all my problems, thinking that this will make the teenage years easier, thinking that our life will be less about materialism; all of these are unrealistic. My new home will not “cure” all of these things, but it can help us to move in the right direction toward an easier, less materialistic life. Of course, lastly that big, scary word “change” comes up. Major changes are about to happen. All of my family will be affected by this move. It will be disturbing to all of us. It is going to make us uncomfortable.

So I can see why I am feeling a “little bit” stressed. Not only am I trying to make my current home perfect for its new owners, but I am trying to get ready to move everything I own to a house half in size. I have been at home the last week packing like a mad woman, making appointments with workmen, meeting with movers, closing on homes, writing checks to everyone but the mailman, changing addresses and emails, talking to banks and insurance companies, and trying to make life seem “normal” during a very stressful time. I have gone into full “Little Red Hen” mode. If you haven’t read my blog on the Little Red Hen – no worries, I will post it again tomorrow. Let me just say, I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed and a lot like I am doing it all by myself (I know – WOE IS ME)! Never a good combination in my household.

Yes, more than ever I need God’s help right now. More than ever I need to see God’s goodness in all the chaos. More than ever I MUST see that God is the way I am going to get through this move. God called me down this path. He didn’t say it was going to be easy breezy, but He did say that He wouldn’t leave my side for a second. Keep my eyes on God, not on the stress. Keep my eyes on prayer, not on the worries. Keep my eyes on God, not on the unrealistic expectations. Praise God for the great things He has done for my family. Don’t worry about the future, but take it day by day. I know the routine. Now, I just have to live it out with God by my side.

Psalm 63:7-8 Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings. My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.

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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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1 Response to Lenten Reflection Day 21

  1. themysticmom says:

    I know you’re no novice at moving, Anne, but I think it’s a lot like childbirth… no matter how many times we’ve gone through it before, there’s something new and different about it each time. Here’s what I wrote to another good friend recently who is experiencing a similar move:

    Several things happen on so many levels at that moment of “no return”. The mind has an odd way of– when the move is only a possibility– thinking only about what “could be.” But as soon as reality flips the switch to “this is WHAT IS,” the memory kicks in with all of WHAT WAS and what future you will now no longer have. It’s a horribly terrific process, and on a spiritual note, for me, is one of the closest things to death I’ve ever experienced. I find a few thoughts comforting at such times, and repeat them to myself often:
    1. All is well.
    2. This, too, shall pass.
    3. We die and we rise…we are a resurrection people!
    4. God will never lead you where His grace will not protect you.
    5. I also think and pray a lot with the stories of both Abraham with this nomadic people, and of Moses leading the Israelites…who frequently shouted, “We want to go back”! (and that was to slavery!)
    6. “When you come to the edge of all the light you have known and are about to step out into the darkness…FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly!
    The truth is, we are always more comfortable staying where we know what to expect. It’s not until we “get out of the boat” (Peter) and “walk on water” (do what seems impossible), that we really start to know who God is …and probably more importantly, who WE are.

    Keep your eyes on Jesus, my friend! You are walking on water!!! 🙂

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