Lenten Reflection Day 18

Make Room for God in Lent!
“Here is the number one clue that you are not placing God first in your life – prayer is not present in your home, work and church life. If I never spoke to Pete or my kids if I just woke up in the morning and went about my day without speaking or acknowledging them – how do you think they would feel? I can guarantee you, they would not feel loved. If we do not take time to converse with God, we are not showing him the love that he so desires and deserves from us.“ – quote from Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life.

Why do we wait to converse with God when we are desperate, lonely and struggling? I can tell you why, because we live in a selfish, controlling, and materialistic world that doesn’t have time to sit and converse with God. Trust me, I have been there. The problem when I place myself ahead of God (or anything ahead of God for that matter) is that life becomes depressing and unfulfilling. I admit it. I allow things to seep ahead of God. I fall short of conversing with Him. I allow materialism to rule my world. Life becomes a checklist.

When I do spend time with God daily, life not only becomes joyful, but it becomes do-able. The checklist becomes joyous instead of tedious. My life has meaning. I am not searching for fulfillment because I am content. You don’t believe me? Try it. Try for one week to give God 30 minutes of your time. Read scripture, sit in silence, make out a prayer list (a list of prayer requests for God), talk about the day you have ahead of you, and your worries. Try it.

I am beginning to sound like Sam-I-Am from the book “Green Eggs and Ham.” You know where you hear, “Try it, try it and you’ll see.” Then your reply should be, “I will try it and you will see. Just let me be.” Yes, even that great childhood story can teach us a valid lesson. Don’t doubt the power of God. He can change your life. You can start anew. Try it. Try it. You will see.

Proverbs 22:17-18 Incline your ear and hear the words of the wise, And apply your mind to my knowledge; For it will be pleasant if you keep them within you,That they may be ready on your lips.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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