Lenten Reflection Day 15

Make Room for God in Lent!
Man I sure don’t like it when my “alone” time is interrupted. I have been known to post signs around my computer for my kids to see – heh, I am working here – please do not interrupt! Because my “work” does not look like a normal job, my kids tend to think I am just playing games on the computer. In all actuality, I am writing (or at least in the process of writing). I am always typing away on my computer daily. This means I have several windows open on the internet, along with my word processor open to the day’s subject matter. I also have several books strewn across the floor – a bible, a daily devotional, a couple of bible studies, etc. It is my work zone. I am in full mode of writing when my work zone appears like I just stated. My kids know this, but sometimes they need a reminder. I am in the middle of their space (because currently my computer is sitting in the dead center of our family room). That is why I need a sign – “STOP RIGHT THERE! DO NOT APROACH THIS WOMAN WHILE SHE IS ON THE COMPUTER! SHE MAY BITE, SCREAM, OR ATTACK YOU. BEWARE!!!” I am not joking.

We all need a little alone time. My alone time may look like I am writing, it may appear that I am having a conversation with God (aka prayer), I may be reading a good book, or I might just be soaking in the tub doing all the above. Last night, my alone time was soaking in the tub. Before I headed upstairs, I warned my family, “I am going upstairs for a little alone time.” That means (in passive aggressive terms) do not bother me or else!

So after soaking in the tub for a few minutes the door opened and in came Katie. “Sorry to bother you during your ‘lonely’ time mom (now when she said this she made cute little rabbit ears over her head while she said lonely), but I have an emergency to talk to you about.”

Now I am not going to go into details about her emergency, but let’s just say it was something that daddy very well could have handled. So once again my alone (or lonely) time had been interrupted. Dang. I cannot seem to catch a break. Why when I am trying to do something great for my soul do I keep getting these interruptions?

Poof. The lightbulb went on in my head. Katie called this my lonely time which is exactly what it looked like to her. I was by myself and probably to her it seems a little lonely – to me it seems like heaven. Interruptions to Katie would mean that other people were around, not just her. She doesn’t like to alone. In fact, most of the time she is scared to death to be alone even in a room where lots of us are just a few feet away. Interruptions to her are a Godsend. So to many of us interruptions should be called, “Godruptions.” Maybe this was a good reminder that I am fortunate that there are kids around to interrupt my life. Maybe God has been telling me for years now that life will continue on even through the interruptions in life. Maybe God was trying to poke me, and say, “Enjoy them, they won’t be under your roof forever, and I will always be here.” He has given me this gift of multi-tasking and he is reminding me that He will still be there for me, even after I finish with Katie’s mini-emergency.

God is so patient. He will wait for me to return during these brief breaks, but the key is I must return. If I don’t return then I am telling God that my kids are more important than Him. If I don’t return, then I am walking away from the one person who can help me on those days that I am overwhelmed, confused or just plain fearful about life. “Godruptions” are okay. It is going to happen especially when we are leading busy, productive, loving lives. Don’t get irritated by the “Godruption”, but instead look at the message that God is sending you.
He loves you more than anything. Go fix the interruption, then return back to Him. How many times was Jesus interrupted while preaching or teaching a much needed lesson to heal or minister to someone? Jesus never turned his back on the person – he took the “Godruption” and then went right back to teaching. See through the disturbance – remember God loves to use people to talk directly to you.

So when Katie came in and interrupted my “lonely” time, I just couldn’t help but laugh. Yes, I would finish up my bath and go fix her problem. On top of it all, I would be thankful that my little girl is just a tool that God used that day to give me a much needed reminder; A reminder that he entrusted this child to me. I could almost hear him say, “Now, go take care of my child, Anne.”

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Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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