Lenten Reflection Day 14

Make Room for God in Lent!
How on earth can people be two different people at the same time? I was reading in the paper this morning about a movie star who claims to be Christian, yet accepts films that are morally inappropriate and well, let’s just say a little raunchy. This two-faced life doesn’t just exist in Hollywood, it exists all around us. So many people claim to be Christians but either because they are embarrassed or just scared, they go with “worldly” outward actions instead of really doing what God calls them to do.

As I have grown throughout my life, I have come face-to-face with some difficult choices. Choices that involved “going with the flow” or going with God. As my commitment to God became stronger, the choice to “go with the flow” started to deteriorate from my life (not completely because I am human). “You cannot serve two masters,” kept going through my mind. This scripture from Matthew 6:24 has come in quite handy. I make choices every day that go against the grain of society.

When TJ broke his wrist, I had a choice to keep him out of lacrosse this season or to let him play. The doctor was on the edge about the decision and I could tell he was wavering back and forth about whether TJ should play or not. TJ is in 7th grade and this is a “diehard” year for him. If he doesn’t play, the chances of him making a team in high school are pretty slim. The thing is that it is more important to me to have TJ heal completely. I find the attitude that kids today must be “professional” sports players by the time they are in 4th grade to be a little out of whack. Why should a 4th grader need to be specialized in one sport in order to have a chance to play later in life? Why should little kids have to be so intense in sports that they cannot just have fun? I went against the “worldly” view and opted to take TJ out this season.

When Katie started having difficulties in public schools, I took her out and placed her in a private school. We live in a city that has a very prestigious public school and a lot of my friends doubted my choice. They weren’t really sure I was doing the right thing. In fact, I found out that the private school that we placed her in didn’t work either. It was at that time that I found her current school – a very small Montessori school. I cannot tell you how slow Pete and I were to tell people where we had placed Katie. We were afraid people would look at us weirdly or doubt our intelligence. Let me tell you, this school was so wonderful for Katie, that we moved TJ there this year. TJ and Katie are doing fabulous in this small school. The school has become our family. I cannot imagine our life without this wonderful place. If Pete and I would have listened to the “worldly” view, then our kids would not have this wonderful, enriching environment to learn within.

Recently, Pete and I decided that our wonderful life in a very well-known suburb of Indiana was not the path that God was calling us down. So, after prayerful consideration, we decided to downsize our life. Now this is for sure not the norm in society. In fact, I am sure people think we are nuts. Why would we leave our beautiful home that we have upgraded for our supposed needs and move to a smaller home away from family and friends? I cannot give anyone a definitive answer as to why except that I truly feel that God is calling our family in this direction. I just believe that we need to give our kids something different. I think Pete and I need something different: something that takes us back to the basics of life and not so much eye to eye with the materialism of life.

Sure there are many times I do opt for the “worldly” decision. I am not perfect. Far from perfect, in fact. I am ashamed to think back on the times that I let peer pressure, materialistic views and society rule my choices. It is so easy to give in to all of these pressures in life. The key is breaking out of my comfort zone and looking at the world through God’s eyes.

I could profess, just like the Hollywood movie star, that I can be a Christian and at the same time live making choices that are “worldly”, but that is not the case. Matthew 6:24 says very clearly, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth (the world).”

Don’t doubt that your choices will reveal your true Christianity. When I begin to see that my choices are not reflecting Jesus’ values, then I know it is time to give God more of “my” time. Take a deep look at your choices today and develop a plan to make them more Godly, than worldly.

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