Success With Humility

You hear stories all the time of fallen celebrities. Their professional lives seem to flourish yet they somehow succumb to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence or bankruptcy. What seemed like an inspirational life on the outside was truly miserable, sad and lonely on the inside. I shouldn’t just pinpoint celebrities here (even though they are the most tangible to relate with), because all kinds of “successful” people can fall from grace. Why? What happens that causes these popular, up and coming individuals such pain? Success achieved all on your own can be very unfulfilling. On the way to the top, many of us create bodies of people who we step on to sail our way upward. We play the political game. We see the meaning of success at all costs. We create a very selfish world in order to fulfill the need of success. Reputations are on the line (all egocentric ideals). Yes, success achieved through these self-serving ideals will be undoubtedly fruitless. Success achieved with God will lead to joy and ultimate fulfillment.
My true successes in life – the ones that I think have produced much fruit are when God has lead me down the pathway to success. Writing my blog everyday has given me a new found love. I enjoy spending time with God each day to proclaim His much needed Word. Success has not been met with monetary gain, power and reputation. Quite the opposite has happened. I certainly have not gained any power from my writings and I am positive that my reputation on social media is probably causing a lot of eye rolling and annoyance of my “holy roller” blogs. Beyond these stereotypes, I am complete because I have found success through God, not through me. Those days that I just cannot come up with a topic, I go to my devotional (given to me by a friend that God blessed me with), I go to prayer, or God places someone in my life that calls or writes to me that very day. It isn’t me coming up with those topics – it is God. Because He uses me as His instrument, somehow, somewhere, someone’s life is touched by the writings. Helping someone else succeed by allowing God into their life gives me more joy than watching myself succeed. It all goes back to servanthood. If we allow ourselves to serve others, the success will be fruitful and filled with joy. It is great when I hear stories from readers who have been deeply touched by my book or blog. God gives me those blessings every once in a while, but not always. Too much accolade can cause pride to seep in. God sometimes just let’s me ride on with no accolade. At that point, I reiterate to myself, “Increase God and decrease me.” Just a quick reminder that the accolade is not why I am doing this.
When success is achieved on your own, you don’t ever understand humility. Humility allows you to see beyond the monetary gain, past the reputation gain and it illuminates the people that helped you achieve success (in my case the one illuminated should be God). Humility is the ONLY way to find success with joy. When the spotlight is only on you – you will never be able to live up to the reputation you have created. When the spotlight is on God – He sees to it that your reputation doesn’t matter – He gives you humility for protection.
Aaron was Moses’ brother. While Moses was the “main character” in Exodus, it is Aaron who Moses needs to accomplish God’s Will. When Moses doubts his ability to speak, he asks God if Aaron can come along and speak for him. In the battle of Amalek, Moses must keep his arms raised in prayer to win the battle. As he becomes tired, guess who is there to ensure he has the strength to raise his arms – you got it: Aaron and Hur. Aaron receives a lesson in success and humility. It is invaluable. Because of this great lesson from God, Aaron will go on to become Israel’s first high priest. So many fruits will come out of this wonderful, humble leader.
On the other hand, let’s take David. David conquered the giant Goliath in the battle with the Philistines. God gave David the power to do this. While David seems to acknowledge this gift from God, I am not sure he truly understood the gift of humility that was given to him. Later when David became king, he would have an affair with Bathsheba (a married woman). His lust for Bathsheba would become a tool of power for David. After becoming pregnant, Bathsheba came to David to give him the news of the baby. David immediately ordered his knights to leave Bathsheba’s husband unguarded in battle (so he would inevitably die). David may have fooled the people who he ruled over, but he did not fool God. God handed David a lesson in humility that he would never forget. God took his son. After the death of his son, David began to see through much needed prayer what God was telling him. Control belongs with God, not you. When you take that control and use it for evil or just for your own success, God will be watching. We can try to become powerful and successful here on earth. We can try to keep up with the powerful, reputable people that we think are important to success. We can try to make the most money possible to ensure that we can meet all our needs and wishes. We can play the political game to ensure our promotion. We can work ourselves to death trying to be successful on our own, but we will never find success that way in heaven. That just isn’t how heaven works – it isn’t a place for the powerful and successful (not the selfish kind of success) – it is a place for the humble and the meek. Humility can be a hard lesson to learn, but it certainly is essential for true fruitful success of God’s plan.

About aslamkowski

Blogger, Speaker and Author of "Revealing Faith: Learning to Place God First in Your Life" Most importantly, desperately wanting to hear and follow God's Will, wife of Peter and mother of three kids.
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