False Prophets

As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning, I realized that all this division in the world stems from our inability to decipher real disciples of our faith over false disciples of our faith.

I scanned through multiple verses in the bible, searching diligently for the one that I was looking for. A couple of handful of verses showed up. So many on false prophets and warnings to beware. Nothing exactly explaining what I was searching for. Sigh.

What I do know is everyone is searching for God’s message in all of this chaos, in all this division. I know I am. I try to decipher who is really speaking truth with my faith in mind, and who is speaking hurtful, false teachings. It seemed like an impossible task. I guess because even those who I love seem to be spewing out hate, rebuking others out of spite.

I realized that we are all human, which in turn means we are all sinners. Our sinfulness cannot be denied. We have this amazing free will to do as we please. God gave us this, and he mercifully forgives us for our bad choices. I don’t know about you, but this forgiveness is a game changer for me.

Because of this sin, we will never truly be perfect. We will all make mistakes. We will all make poor choices. The good news is we all the opportunity to do better.

In my life, I can look back and cringe on things I said and did that were not well thought out. There have been times I took a stand for what I believed was good. Times I believed that God truly needed me to be his voice. Yet, I realize now that I spoke out for my own pride and for my benefit.

There have been movements and causes that I have backed with a vengeance, truly believing I was doing good in this world. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I did make great impacts, but was God really asking me to do it? I lacked prayer behind my decisions. I lacked guidance. I lacked patience.

Speak now! Type now! Respond now! Protest now! Immediate gratification that I was doing something to reform everyone to this grand plan that I was positive God backed.

All of the human-contrived movements on this earth are just that – human created. They will be imperfect. Even those movements with the backing of the highest clergy will be imperfect. Mostly because we are imperfect people. We sin. We make bad choices now and then. We don’t truly listen to God. We lack prayer and patience.

In place of just taking a moment to pause – we create noise. We pursue our right to speak freely. We protest. We make signs to post our belief to the world. We write opinion letters. These are all good things, but did we take a moment to clear the bad noise before creating more noise? Were we taking time to really pause, pray, and center our self with Christ? Do we give others time to pause and center themselves on Christ?

As a Christian I believe with all my heart and all my mind that prayer is action. It is hard to do – like exercise, but you need to do it every single day. Prayer is a game- changer. Prayer changes MY mind. Prayer allows ME to see my own imperfections. Prayer opens ME up to what God is calling me to do. Prayer gives ME strength to take on difficult days. Prayer removes my egotistical stubbornness into a love that God can only instill in me.

So are there false prophets out there?

You bet there are.

The key is seeing that all of us suffer from sin. The key is to find compassion, love, and empathy for these false prophets. We have to love them to open their hearts to God. Sometimes that love comes with a rebuke, but it better be well thought out. Rebukes come from a loving heart not from a hateful (your wrong and I’m right) heart. That is why Jesus’ rebukes were perfect, well-thought out, and planned to change hearts.

Let us all remember Paul. He certainly was someone who did much evil against God, but look what happened? And it wasn’t a human that changed him, it was God. So pray before you speak. Pray before you take action. Don’t get in the way of God’s plan. Don’t get in the way of God’s job. Our job is to love. Love even those who speak falsely because they are sinners just like me.

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The Fog

The fog set down over the community. As it made its way door to door, the houses slowly disappeared. There was no warning this time. No alert on my cell phone. No meteorologist telling me to watch out during my morning commute. Nope. Nothing.

It just came in out of the blue. Slowly it crept around each house and settled on the green grass. The houses all became engulfed by the dense fog.

It was depressing looking out my window. It was like no one lived in our circle. I was all alone.

I had this sneaking suspicion though that someone was around. There was a feeling of evil and sadness that had sunk deep throughout the neighborhood. It was horrifying. The anger the fog brought was polarizing to the community.

Some were mad that they were stuck inside. Others wanted to brave the fog and just drive away from it all. Many wanted to pretend the fog would just disappear. No matter what people thought or believed, the only way to communicate was by social media. So they did. They posted articles on the reasons for the fog and its affects on the community. They posted articles about their hatred for the fog. They posted articles on how the government should step in and do something about the fog. Then others posted articles about how the government should just stay out of it. They became more and more polarized. The split was evident. Love was lost.

Hatred had arrived with the fog, and it hung around for quite a while. The sadness consumed the community.

I just wanted to pull the blankets over my head and hide in bed. I wanted to shut down my computer and try to eliminate the hate by ignoring it.

Then I prayed. And I prayed. And I prayed some more.

Sometimes my thoughts would dwell on the hate, but as I prayed more and more my thoughts became more centered on one thing….love.

Love will get us through this. Hate will not. Love will allow us to be more mindful of what we say, post, and write. Hate will not. Love will keep us focused on Christ. Hate will not. Love will endure it all. Hate will only bring in more fog.

So as love filled my heart. I noticed the fog started to lift from my house. I tried my best to get out and start spreading my love to others. Slowly, I noticed the love began to spread. I looked across the street as the fog lifted house by house. The evil left with it. It seemed as if a huge weight was lifted off of our community.

Peace overcame the neighborhood. People filled the streets again, and the love kept the fog away. Our love created newness of life. Tolerance, empathy, compassion, and thoughtfulness took over. The people never let the fog return. When hate showed up in one person, another person took time to love them so the fog would never return again.

Take time to love your neighbor today. Be the change our world so desperately needs.

Proverbs 3:3-6 Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man. In all our ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your path. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.

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Standing at a Distance

And his acquaintances stood at a distance including the women and saw these events…

If this wasn’t a blog about God, then I am sure you would be lost by this quote. So I will give you a clue if you are lost…crucifixion.

As I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet today, these words stuck out to me. It made a picture of that day come into my mind. A picture that brought great sadness throughout my body. It was so intense, so real, that it felt like I was an eye witness to the event.

The sadness, fear, disbelief, and uncertainty swept through my mind. I wanted to run away from it all, hide in the shadows.

And his acquaintances stood at a distance including the women and saw these events.

How many times do I sit back and just watch something unfold without taking action because I am in disbelief that something like that could possibly happen? Maybe because I am fearful of what would happen if I stood my ground? Would I lose my job? Would my friends be mad at me? Would I let others down because of my faith? Would I make other people feel uncomfortable?

When I think back to that day…the day of the crucifixion…I see the injustice of Christ’s death. But there were more injustices going on all around. The oppression of women for one. The oppression of the Jews. The morality (or lack there of) of the Roman officials. The leadership centralized upon fear. People in fear of practicing their religious beliefs. So much injustice….

And his acquaintances stood at a distance including the women and saw these events.

Where on earth do Jesus’ followers start? There was so much to change, so much to do. No wonder they stood in disbelief. No wonder they stood at a distance, far away from what seemed like complete chaos to them. No wonder they feared for their lives. No wonder they later went into hiding.

Today I feel this exact same way. Sometimes I just sit back because I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know how I can change any of these injustices happening around me. I mean, I am just nobody. Who am I to change the world?

And as these thoughts crossed my mind, I heard this song….

So, today after much prayer, I decided to tackle this problem by one change at a time. Stand up for one thing. Center my prayer on that. And when I feel I have exhausted that, then I will move on to my next challenge. One injustice at a time is what I think. I am not going to sit back and watch in disbelief, but stand up for what is right. I receive encouragement to fight this from Christ, and the belief that loving one another so much will encourage each of us to do better. If each of us took on this mission – to spread the love of Christ by demolishing one injustice at a time – consider the implications.

Loving our community so much that we stand up for injustice when we see it will make this uncivilized world (hopefully) return to civility. It will also remind each of us that calling out wrongs are not a bad thing, but a way to hold each other accountable for spreading the love of Christ.

After all, I’m just nobody, trying to tell everybody, about somebody who saved my soul.

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Look Harder

As the sun rose, the dark sky slowly turned pink, purple and deep blue. The colors were astonishing. The yellow moved in and took over. Light blue skies took over the treetops. It was a spectacular sight. I would have missed it all, if the cat had not crushed my deep sleep at 5am to be fed.

When I rolled out of bed, hearing the cat’s meows grow louder, I may or may not have grumbled under my breath. It was summer. I just needed to sleep in a little more. Seriously? Doesn’t this cat understand that sleep is a must-have for me.

I pulled the covers off and slowly moved my feet to the edge of the bed. Stretching out my body, I reminded my almost 50 year old frame that the time had come to join the living once again. Day by day I have found it more and more difficult to find a reason to move out of bed. The days were growing more and more like that horrible movie “Groundhog Day.” I remember the first time I watched it – I was so annoyed. I couldn’t figure out why that movie got on my nerves. Now, living it, I realize why.

When you live the same day over and over, not only does it become monotonous, but it becomes harder and harder to see the good. The days seem lifeless.

As I was listening to my Christian podcasts while walking, and I heard the song by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton, There was Jesus. I clearly heard this…

In the waiting, in the searching
In the healing and the hurting
Like a blessing buried in the broken pieces
Every minute, every moment
Of where I been and where I’m going
Even when I didn’t know it
Or couldn’t see it
There was Jesus

And I realized, even in my hurt, there is a blessing. If I can’t see it, then I need to look harder.

Then I heard…

On the mountain in the valleys (There was Jesus)
In the shadows of the alleys (There was Jesus)
In the fire, in the flood (There was Jesus)
Always is and always was
I never walk alone

And I realized, even when I feel alone, He is there. He is waiting for me to see Him. I just need to look harder.

The beauty of that sunrise was Jesus showing me what was in store for me. It was a way to remind me that life is still all around me. He is still creating, molding, and moving mountains. If he can create that amazing sunrise that I witnessed, then he can certainly get me through another monotonous day of uncertainty. How?

By showing me the blessings. They are waiting to be seen. I just need to look harder.

So, today I just might rewatch that stupid movie, “Groundhog Day.” I might have to tackle my annoyance head-on. The thing with reliving the same day over and over again is you get a chance to do things differently.

I get to learn from my mistakes and try to correct them. I get to see the same things, but in a different light each time I roll myself out of that bed.

It isn’t a curse to live a boring life, it is an opportunity. Jesus is still there. Guiding me. Nudging me. Changing me. Showing me the blessings – yes even in the midst of struggle.

I can be angry at the world for this do-over day, or I can see it as a game changer. It’s my choice to ignore Jesus or to look harder for Him.

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Yoke Me Up to Jesus

Yoke me up to Jesus for eternal life were the words that stuck with me this morning as I read Bishop Barron’s reflection.  One of my friends had once explained to me the importance and beauty of these words. This saying came from Jesus’ mouth “take my yoke upon you and learn from me (Matthew 11:29-30).  In pre-machinery farming days, a pair of draft horses or oxen were yoked together.  When a new animal needed to be trained, they would yoke it up to an experienced animal.  The older would patiently pull while the other learned.  The older one took the brunt of the work during this time: he pulled the load.  The yoke became a burden of the older one while during this time the young one learned.

So just what are you asking when you say, “Yoke me up to Jesus?”

Jesus, lead me through my day.

Jesus, let me follow Your lead.

Jesus, let me do Your will.

Jesus, be patient with me while I learn to do it Your way.

Jesus, I will make mistakes, but lead me out of those mistakes.

Jesus, I will want to follow my own path, but guide me away from it if it is not Yours.

Jesus, I am your servant.  You are my master.

Jesus, I strive to push back my pride and follow you humbly.

Jesus, I cannot get through this without you next to me.

Yoke me up to Jesus.

Yoke me up to Jesus, oh Lord!

I have been beginning and ending my day with this prayer.  Yoke me up to Jesus, Oh Lord!  It encompasses everything that I want out of my day.  It says it all.

Follow Jesus.  Let Him be Your guide.

Yoke me up to Jesus, oh Lord!

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Think Like God

This morning I read a reflection by Bishop Barron on today’s gospel. It got me thinking, what does it look like to think like God?

God loves each and everyone one of us unconditionally. His Grace is poured out to us with mercy. His heart breaks when one of us strays, and He will go to the end of the earth looking for us and calling to us to return.

So, God must think without judgment. He must make decisions selflessly knowing that His plan will be unveiled even when we work against Him – and trust me, we all do just that. He uses wisdom to hold back and allows us to feel as if we are free to do as we please. He finds sincere empathy in his heart for each and every one of us.

Pretty powerful when you think about it. Honestly, I am not sure why He still continues to care so much about me. When I think of all that I need to do to change my heart; I think God must see something in me that I cannot see. He must get so tired of trying to inspire me because I just cannot seem to let go of my selfishness. I certainly cannot seem to make decisions with anyone but myself in mind. Why on earth does he continue to put up with me?

One thing is for sure, God does not think like me. Praise God for that…

Imagine going through each day thinking like God?

Never thinking of yourself.

Always caring for others.

Never judging your neighbor.

Always seeing their perspective.

Never controlling situations for your benefit.

Always allowing others the freedom to live as they choose.

All this, knowing that everything will work out.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

In our human minds, we will do few if any of these things when we think. We cannot shake how this will effect ME. Decisions are made so that I can have what I need. We can somehow find a way to manipulate the truth in our mind because God would want ME to have it this way. Why would God want ME to struggle? Hmm….maybe that is a question we SHOULD be asking…why would God want YOU to struggle?

The thing is, in Matthew 5:20-26, Jesus is calling us to repent. Not just forgive. Not just recognize and confess our sins. Repent. Change our hearts. Change the way we think. Change our selfish desires into Godly desires. That means truly desiring what is best for our neighbor in order to make this a united Kingdom.

Using our selfishness to drive our decisions will divide God’s Kingdom. Let’s face it, we are called to UNITE His Kingdom. We are called to serve Him, to listen to Him, and to change for Him. We are called to shout his name in praise for all things. Most importantly, we are called to think like God.

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Shaming versus Loving

Writing has always been a way for me to work out my thoughts on difficult subjects. Sometimes things just pop into my mind, then writing those thoughts out becomes healing. Unfortunately in today’s social media craze, we see unhealthy writing strategies emerging everyday. Unhealthy ways of criticizing others, tearing others down, and trying to push our “right” belief over their “wrong” belief.

Them versus Us.

As you read this you may think, “My friend (insert name here) really struggles with this.” Yet, instead of pointing the finger at your friend, think about your own posts or spoken words. Do you say or post things to shame others? Or do you say or post things because you love others?

What’s the difference?

Shaming involves calling others out. Pointing the blame at their issues in front of others. This can be done passive aggressively (without names) because… you know who you are. Or this can be outright calling someone out by name.

Shaming was a long used tactic as discipline for many years. Calling out a kid in front of their friends would supposedly shame them into doing what was right. This horrible strategy would cause fear inside a kid each and every time they even thought about doing or saying anything. Fear is a good thing, right? After all, we are suppose to “fear” the Lord.


Shaming does not involve loving someone else. Shaming lifts the person pointing the finger up in a higher position than the one being shamed.

Uh….you realize that means the person pointing the finger is actually the sinner, right?

Shaming involves pride, power, wrath, and sometimes a few other deadly sins.

Fear of the Lord involves respecting and loving the Lord so much that you want to do what will lift up His Kingdom. Shaming has no part in this.

Shaming and respect are exact opposites.

When we use love as our tool to communicate, things change. Posting with love means we truly want others to see the beauty of what we are saying. There is no calling out of another. We say or post things with a loving heart. Praying that we can all come to a reasonable solution.

Shaming divides our community.

Loving unites our community.

Shaming shows the differences in each other.

Loving shows the similarities in each other.

Shaming lives off of fear.

Loving lives off of respect.

With so much dividing us right now, how do we find love in our hearts?


Pray more.

Understand and find empathy in another’s position and what that person is trying to get you to hear.

Stop putting yourself first.

Stop trying to win the conversation.

Listen. Really listen.

Stop thinking your way is the only way.

Find love for others. Deep in your heart. Just find love.

After all, Christ would find love. His rebukes were always loving, never shameful. He rebuked others because he loved them so much. He never felt anyone was beyond being loved. That is the truth.

For some deeper thought on this… watch this wonderful video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhDHYpvEHNw

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Hope in Healing

Isaiah 41:10 - Best Bible Verse - Bible Verse Images

The struggle continues. My soul is still in need of healing. Most importantly, my soul is in need of hope.

Thinking back to the days of Katie’s brain surgeries, I can remember her struggling. There were good days and bad days. Her first surgery by far was the worst. The surgeon had inserted 9 pipecleaner-like sticks into each section of her brain for testing. The epilepsy team needed to do something like an internal EEG to see what was going on in her brain. When they surgically placed the sticks in, they wrapped her head in cloth so she wouldn’t accidentally touch them. Katie complained of her jaw hurting, her head aching, and pain in her ears. We knew the testing could take up to 3 weeks for the doctors to collect all the data, but the team was hopeful it would only be a week because they suspected her seizures were happening all the time.

Each day was increasingly difficult. Some nights we had to keep her up all night, to incite the seizures to come. Pete would play cards and games with Katie to keep her up. It was the longest stay in the hospital that we have experienced to date.

What got us through it?


Hope that Katie would be healed from her seizures that had wreaked havoc on her body for 13 years. Hope that Katie would be able to use her brain to its fullest potential. Hope that we could possibly eliminate seizure medications that had done little to help her seizures and so much to cause her learning disabilities.

I see this hope in my struggles today. The fear of the unknown has wreaked havoc on my daily life, just like seizures wreaked havoc on Katie’s brain. I feel this loss of control that is debilitating at times. I feel this great sorrow that this world is changing into something I don’t want to belong to. I feel like I take two steps backward every single day.

Through all this, there is still hope. Hope that I will see the beauty in the struggle. Hope that I will find peace in prayer. Hope that I will grow and become stronger because of what I have experienced. Hope is how I see the blessing in this struggle.

I witnessed the beauty of hope with Katie. After her last surgery in November, her reading level has increased by 2 grade levels. She has made remarkable progress academically. We haven’t seen a seizure since January of this year. It just took time. Two long years of surgeries and 14 years of seizures. Yet, each and every day throughout the healing progress, the hope began to shine through more and more vividly.

I chose to see the hope, and not the despair of the situation. That was a blessing. That’s the thing with struggles; we can see hope or we can choose despair. It is a personal choice. Finding God in the valley of life can be hard, but He is always there, offering us a ladder of hope.

I truly believe, hope is beginning to shine through this struggle too. It will take time. It may hurt a little. It certainly will make us all uncomfortable. I guarantee though, hope is there. Just like the sun rising on a new day; hope is shining through more and more. Hope is molding each and every one of us into a better Christian. Hope is preparing us for what is to come.

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Be Kind. Choose Respect. Embrace Change

When I opened my bible today, I saw the story of Job. His life was certainly one of suffering. Job was a good servant of God. There is no doubt about that. As the devil weaves in suffering to Job’s life, Job continues to serve God. Job chooses kindness, respect, and most of all he embraces change. Don’t get me wrong though, there was a lot of anger before the change began to unfold.

Suffering always causes change. Job’s suffering was not without considerable lamenting. Trust me on that one. Job and his friends go back and forth for about 30 chapters.

Job is angry and filled with distrust of God’s plan for him. Job’s friends try to support him through the suffering, but end up finding ways to help Job explain why it was all happening. “What have you done, Job?” They figured Job had done something to put him in a bad relationship with God. Why else would he have such tragic events happen to him?

This back and forth banter reminds me of an ugly facebook post. Job says one thing, and his friends each take turns saying something back. It is a post that seems to go on and on. I probably would have hidden it from my feed. Job’s friends are anything but supportive. They egg him on. They produce more anger within Job. They consistently show their lack of understanding of Job’s struggles. They force Job to defend himself.

After much bantering, in steps Elihu. Elihu stops Job and his friends immediately in their tracks. He basically calls them all out. He calls out the friends for condemning Job, and he calls out Job for saying he did nothing to endure such suffering.

Elihu knows that Job must bear the suffering to become a better version of himself. God has given Job this opportunity to grow in his faith, and Job is taking it for granted. Job is trying to explain to his friends that he is blameless, and in turn exults himself instead of exulting God. Job by shouting his own innocence is deterring from God’s message that Job can conquer suffering by embracing God’s Will.

Job could choose to be angry and continue to prove his innocence or he could choose to respect God’s Will and endure the pain. This would require Job accepting that others may always point to his suffering as his obvious sinfulness toward God. Humility or Pride?

He could choose to be angry at God or he could choose to embrace the suffering and respect that life would change. In turn, Job would have to accept that God’s Will was more important than Job’s own will.

We all know that Job ends up embracing change. He chooses kindness toward God’s plan, and opens himself up to humility, bowing to God’s change.

This made Job very different than most people. Job knew he was different, yet embraced sameness. He did not lift up his problems any longer as bigger or more unfortunate than others. He accepted that God had a plan, and he was open to it. No matter what. No matter if it makes him look bad in the eyes of others. Job would be open to people’s whispers and gossip about this life.

I think we all like to be seen as different. I mean God made us all unique for a reason right? But why can we not see our sameness?

Differences create loneliness.

Sameness creates community.

It is easy to say we are all in a different boat today in this pandemic situation. After all, we see this post all over social media. We aren’t in the same boat… That isn’t wrong, but what does that give us?

It makes the loneliness of this isolation seem even more lonely. Once Job accepted his sameness, his loneliness disappeared. He felt loved.

For some reason it seems difficult for us to unite in our suffering. We love to lift up our suffering as more intense than others. Yet do we recognize that it takes us down a deep hole of loneliness when we do this?

We say, you can’t possible understand what I am going through. You can’t possibly understand my circumstances. Why am I being persecuted and others are not?

This sort of internal messaging sends us into depression.

When we are able to be kind, choose respect, and embrace change, things happen.

We begin to see that there are others around us who are suffering, just like us. We begin to empathize with others circumstances. We begin to see things more clearly, lovingly even. We are able to embrace change and God’s will. We stop searching for blame and begin to understand humility.

Job was a great model for all of us during tremendous suffering. Sure, we can go through the “woe-is-me” dilemma. We can talk to our friends. We can banter back and forth on facebook as to who is right and who is wrong. In the end, we have to choose change. That is hard. It certainly is humbling.

So, we have a choice….

We can all choose to shout our opinions and stand our ground for what is right in our own eyes. We can banter back and forth about who is to blame for this suffering. We can choose to ignore others and tell them to mind their own business. That is our freedom, right?


We can be kind. Choose respect. Embrace the change.

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Curiosity Does Not Kill the Cat, It Keeps Him Alive

Cats by nature are curious. I watched as my own cat tiptoed across the floor exploring all sides of the house. I had just found him on a walking trail about 2 weeks ago. He was all alone, crying out, and very skinny. My animal-loving heart could not leave him. After all, so many people right now are suffering and struggling to pay the bills. I knew the amount of animals being left out in the cold would only grow. I did my due diligence though before claiming the cat for our family. I searched everywhere for an owner, took him to the vet to scan for a chip, posted on social media accounts, and even had 5 different families come meet him. So, we now have a cat. We call him Fauci.

Anyway, he is very curious. He mostly stays in our garage, but ventures into the house once a day to check things out. I watched him the other day. He was very curious.

I began to ponder my own thoughts about being curious. I teach in a middle school Montessori program. Our program only works when students are curious about learning. Actually, if you ask me, all educational programs only work if students remain curious. Curiosity drives their intrinsic motivation to learn. When a student becomes interested or intrigued in something, you cannot stop them from learning. In education, we sometimes stifle this by giving out worksheets, homework, and forgetting that when we see that spark of curiosity, we need to tap into it.

The same thing happens in my faith life. When I am curious, I am at my best. When I begin to question, seek out answers, and research, I find myself closer to Christ.

So how do you incorporate curiosity into each and every day?

When you find something that intrigues you, don’t stifle it. Go with it. Tiptoe across the floor like a cat and explore all angles. Listen to opposing views. This often solidifies why you feel a certain way. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom. Do this every day.

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it makes the cat feel alive. Allow curiosity to grow your faith. Listening to and memorizing the faith is not enough. Delving into the questions and researching how it all began will be the only thing that satisfies your hungry heart. So don’t wait! Be curious now!

Read some scripture today. Purchase a book about your faith. Listen to a podcast on Christianity. Fill your soul with Christian music. Attend church (or view livestream) and concentrate on the message. Pray that God shows you the way to curiosity.

I am off to see what my cat is up to, or maybe I will just let him be curious…

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